Wireless Detector RFD9000

Wireless Detector RFD9000


  RFD9000 is the highest detector model, super sensitive, with a 10 degree scale.

Scanning the band from the frequency range from 1MHz up to 9000MHz – will detect and locate any eavesdropping device !!!

 With its help you will find:

  • all types of listening devices (bugs) digital and analog,
  • wireless cameras,
  • GPS
  • GSM,
  • eavesdropping carried out using cell phones etc …

Precise 10-step graphic indicator (diode line) allows you to accurately locate the device you are looking for. When close to the transmitter (bedbugs), the displayed level will increase (the next segments of the 10 LED light bar will light up). The "SENSITIVE" adjustment knob is used to set the required sensitivity of the device. The glowing "Battery test" light informs us about the correct condition of the detector's power supply battery and readiness for work.

WIRELESS DETECTOR RFD9000 is of excellent sensitivity and efficiency.

WIRELESS DETECTOR RFD9000 has a filter to eliminate interference.


Working frequency 1 – 9000 MHz
Sensitivity adjustment – detectability of 15m depending on the power and frequency of the transmitting device.
The scale of the 10-degree signal
Elimination of false interference
9V battery power
Working temperature -20 to + 60 * C
Adjustable antenna 15cm
Dimensions 105 x 65 x 28
Warranty 24 months

There are two color options, of the device, available: light grey and black.